Corporate Overview

Who We Are
Diversinet provides our customers and partners with ultra-secure, patented mobile technologies and connected health solutions. Our core multilingual publishing platform supports rapid deployment of secure and HIPAA-compliant Web-to-mobile applications. Our solutions lead with an innovative, virtual health wallet designed for patient-centric engagement, fostering improved health outcomes and resilience.

Our Customers
Spanning the United States and Canada, our customers use our solutions for case management, patient and care coordinator portals; and mobile personal health records for care across hundreds of clinics with surveys, secure messaging and medication-adherence tools. Other customers include financial institutions in Asia and the U.S., which use our solutions for securing mobile transactions mobile technologies.

Our Solutions

Diversinet’s core technology includes software tools for securing mobile applications and rapidly building, deploying and managing interoperable mobile applications. These tools are HIPAA-compliant and FIPS 140-2-certified. This technology is sector-agnostic. While it supports healthcare and is designed to address healthcare needs, it is also applicable for diverse business needs. Our customers have used our technology to add customized capabilities, for example, involving portals, back-end integration and additional mobile applications.

Our healthcare solutions have been developed specifically to support patient-centered engagement. Our mobiHealth Wallet can be used to easily download, store, share and manage personal health and Common Core of Data (CCD) information from various sources, such as Blue Button, payers, health information exchanges and electronic health records. This virtual wallet stores a standardized patient profile and determinants of health to establish individualized care plans and to track and measure targeted adherence. The mobiHealth Wallet provides patients with a longitudinal personalized health record, lowering costs and improving outcomes of care, as they coordinate with diverse care teams in traditional and virtual settings.

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