About Diversinet

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Diversinet leads the healthcare landscape with a secure enterprise mobile healthcare platform and integrated solutions. These solutions can be leveraged and customized quickly to meet the ever-changing needs of healthcare organizations.


The healthcare industry is challenged to find a common information source for a complete patient record.


mobiHealth Wallet with Blue Button Data

Key Benefits
  • Learn patient preferences, life style and social determinants of health
  • Engage easily with patient’s portable consent and permissions
  • Personalize care interventions
  • Mass customize solutions
  • Co-design collaborative care and longitudinal health plans
  • Invite patient generated health information
  • Integrate remote patient monitoring, sensors, biometrics, genomics
  • Leverage combination of m-health and tele health services with traditional care
  • Manage and track outcomes
  • Meet MU, Care Coordination and ACO requirements

mobiHealth Wallet™
A personalized virtual health wallet with Blue Button data integration

  • Advanced Health Preference Profile
  • Expanded Applications
    • Adherence
    • Preventative Screening
    • Wellness
    • Care Plans

mobiSurvey Manager™
Conduct healthcare mobile surveys and collect patient data with confidence and security

  • Questionnaire Creation Tool
  • Response Manager
  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Data Export to Advanced Analytic Tools

Secure, HIPAA and HITECH-compliant healthcare communication platform that connects doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals as well as their staff

  • Secure 2-Way Messaging (text, image, sound)
  • Delivery and Read Notification
  • Data Driven Trigger Capability
  • Notifications, Questions and Questionnaire Deliverables